Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unions' Lawyer Sage Advice To Scott Walker

Madison attorney Lester Pines has now beaten the Walker administration on both the Voter ID law (injunction won on behalf of the League of Wisconsin Women Voters) and now on Act 10, so the advice he's offering today free of charge is certainly worth taking:

Gov. Scott Walker - who wrote the collective bargaining limits and withstood a recall this summer largely inspired by them - issued a statement Friday calling [Act 10 case Judge Juan] Colas a "liberal activist..."

[Labor plaintiff Attorney Lester Pines said Walker and others should not be demeaning judges with name calling...

"When a case is before judges, it's really not a good idea to insult the judge. First of all, it's just bad manners. But secondly, from a tactical point of view, when someone still has issues before him or her, why would you insult that person?..."

Representatives of Walker couldn't immediately be reached for comment Saturday.
And was Walker's complaint predictable?

Walker's Act 10 struck down; cue the "activist judge" wailing


A. Wag said...

Aah, but Atty Pines is speaking Common Sense, a language not known to Walker and Co. or in all the land of Fitzwalkerstan.

Betsey said...

Bad manners is putting it mildly: grossly unprofessional.

Tactical error? Those were made in spades as these illegal laws were written, then passed--also with the whiff of illegality to the process.

It's just the judicial free market correcting itself.