Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Obama, Baldwin Showing Strength In New Wisconsin Polling

President Barack Obama is up by six points over Mitt Romney, and Tammy Baldwin is tied with Tommy Thompson, 47-47, according to polling out today.

Trends are in the Dems' favor:

*  Obama is at 51% and Paul Ryan is looking like a non-factor.

*  Baldwin's steady presence and great organizational work over the last year are paying off, while Tommy's primary enemies beat him up and helped define him as the consummate DC insider.

Expect a talk radio meltdown, with the hosts warning the base that the End Of The World Is coming on Nov. 6th if conservatives don't get their acts together.

Also expect a torrent of righty money to pour into Wisconsin TV markets on behalf of these endangered Republicans, like the million Karl Rove dumped here a few days ago to undermine Tammy Baldwin.


Reagan's Disciple said...

My best guess is that they oversampled democrats by over 15%. I'm not interested in confirming that oversampling number by looking into the poll because I know this is being done.

I could make a poll come out anyway I want if I am allowed to choose the sample selection.

The only poll that matters is the one taken on November 6th.

Boxer said...

So what Rayguns does instead is to take the poll results he doesn't like, then assume it is off by a totally arbitrary percentage, throw out a few generalities (that we already knew--thanks for stating the obvious, d-uh), make a snide comment or two and hint that he has inside information.
Rayguns, you are becoming more useless than you're already predictable. That's quite an accomplishment for you. Go back to your Barcalounger and crack a near-beer. We'll wake you up from your dreams of elections raining white men when the election is over.

Eye On You said...

The only poll that matters is the one taken on November 6th.

Meaning: We have plans in place to tamp down Democratic voting, manipulate the polling results, and generally screw around with things, so just ignore these pesky poll numbers that show otherwise. We already know how this is gonna turn out!