Saturday, September 15, 2012

I Said "Cue The Activist Judge Wailing," And Walker Does Not Disappoint

Over at the Journal Sentinel's Purple Wisconsin blog platform I posted a short item about the Friday Act 10 ruling - - with its elaborate discussion of the law and constitutional rights - - with this headline:

Walker's Act 10 struck down; cue the "activist judge" wailing

Not long thereafter, Governor One-Note Walker took the bait:
"Sadly, a liberal activist judge in Dane County wants to go backward and take away the lawmaking responsibilities of the Legislature and the governor."
Good Lord! We pay this one-dimensional, one-track, low-wattage tool of the far Right $144,000-a-year, with gaudy benefits, to speak for and manage the entire State of Wisconsin.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! The teachers union won again!

They'll get what they want!

-40 children per class

-Mass firings

-$5000 deductible health insurance

-Significantly higher property taxes

Forget the kids. It's about us.

Sonoma Badger said...

Amen, Brother ! Lap at the public trough your entire life, and then complain about the quality of the food. Scottie and Paulie both. So did all these guys, including Reince, go through a blood brothers ritual whilst in Republican College ?

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Isn't it funny how the Baggers claim the consequences of NOT having Act 10 are somehow different than following Act 10.

Hey moron at 6:45, 40 kids in a class, huge property tax increases and mass firings were happening BECAUSE of Walker policies and aid cuts this year. Just head over to Germantown, New Berlin, or Brookfield this year- all put in Act 10, and all are having those problems this year. Not that I have much sympathy for those dingbats, because they decided to stand with Walker.

And how much has Walker wasted of taxpayer money in lawyering up for these failed agendas? And how much had to be spent because he put in policies that made himself get recalled?

Proves again that GOPs are the real big-spending, fiscally irresponsible group, and unfit to govern. There won't a gerrymander that can save these destructive fools by 2014.

Anonymous said...

If you look at your school district budget, you will see that the Obama "Education Job Fund" a teacher preservation bone thrown to districts all over America - is gone. The stimulas funding for districts - is gone. Scott Walker was not going to do what Doyle did - dig the hole deeper for the debt generation. And he couldn't do what Obama did deficiet spend and then have the federal reserve print more money. It's called living within your means. 6:45 got it spot-on.

Boxer said...

Somebody get that judge a bodyguard.

4 more years! said...

@3:45 - look t what Walker did in Mikwaukee County. Everything he touched turned into a lawsuit. MC is paying millions for his SOCIPATHIC my way or the highway authoritative way of ruling. The same pattern persists at the state level. He signs bills first then sits back thinking he saved taxpayers money when in reality he cause more harm than good. The fact that Walker is tweeting this message himself reveals a very insecure man. The ruling was well thought out. WALKER never thinks things through. Sound familiar? Obama doesn't control the federal reserve Bucko ! FYI- OBAMA has spent the least amount of the last 4 presidents. Nice try though. As Rick Sanatorium said “smart people” would never side with conservatives. He speaks the truth.