Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney, Mr. Stumbles

Goofs, gaffes and guffaws; I've lost track of all Mitt Romney's missteps, and there will be more from the GOP presidential candidate without a coherent vision or consistent positions - - but here are a few:

*  It started months ago, into the primaries: the "corporations are people, my friend" gaffe, or "I like to be able to fire people," and the goofy $10,000 bet he offered to a befuddled Rick Perry during a debate, or the "Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs" excuse for installing a car elevator at his San Diego house. Etc.

*  Or the unwanted critique he offered on the eve of the London Olympics - - when arriving on a goodwill trip...to London.

*  Or the decision to hold back a Romney biographical video at the GOP convention in favor of scheduling the Hollywood duo "Clint Eastwood and His Chair."

*  Or the undiplomatic attack Romney on 9/11 that Romney aimed at President Obama after Libyan extremists killed the US Ambassador there  - - after Romney said he be suspending campaigning on 9/11.

Each of these events forced Romney & Co. - - with a candidate long on private equity CEO experience but relatively less actual campaign or open governing experience - - to spin and explain away a mess of their own creation in what are the waning days of the campaign.

Which brings us to today, and Day Two of Romney damage control in the wake of his attack on 47% of Americans whom he called moochers and self-defined victims worth ignoring.

And if you think he's frittering away precious time explaining himself - - the kiss of death in a campaign environment - - wait until people hear the audio of Romney buying hook-line-and-sinker the explanation from Chinese officials who told him that young women workers are locked in a cramped factory for their own benefit while earning wages Romney himself called "a pittance."

And why was Romney there to hear and see this horror show?

Because, Romney says, he and Bain Capital were there to buy the factory.


Jack Kaufman said...

A class warfare campaign led by a guy with no class.

A. Wag said...

Keep on being your own special self, Mittens. President Obama can relax in his lawn chair as you keep beating yourself.