Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Right On Schedule, Right-Wing Talk Radio In Polling Tizzy

Upset by polling out today showing Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Baldwin running even with or ahead of Republican Tommy Thompson, WTMJ righty radio afternoon Jeff Wagner talker says he doesn't believe the numbers, and that Baldwin is from the "kook fringe," but as a loyal GOP mouthpiece on its free radio platform, Wagner is worried and upset by today's political news.

"She's so far to the left," Wagner sputters. "This should be a pick-up" for the GOP....To the people running Tommy's campaign, get your heads out of you-know-where."

The talkers are so predictable. As I wrote this morning:

Expect a talk radio meltdown, with the hosts warning the base that the End Of The World Is coming on Nov. 6th if conservatives don't get their acts together.
1:56 p.m. post script:  Wagner's had a tough day and ended the second hour of his show by calling supporters of union organizing at Palmero's Milwaukee pizza factory "a bunch of idiots."

Talk radio in a nutshell.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Does any member of the Democrat party honestly believe that Baldwin will beat Thompson by 9%, or that Obama will win 54-40.

Again, without looking there is obviously an oversampling of democrats in the new polls.

November 6th is all that matters.

You guys were all jacked up about the recalls too. Remember how that turned out for you.

Anonymous said...

I love a good Republican panic attack. They will try out a bunch of slogans and sound bites to try and figure out which will bring independents or undecided to their side. Watch for more gaffs as we near the election.

Unknown said...

I don't recall any polls showing a majority, beyond the margin of error, for the recall.

There is an overreliance on polls, and some of them suck. That doesn't change the fact that when the polls support conservatives, they cackle like hens, and when they don't all of a sudden they get concerned about methodology and demand that the campaigns shape up, so the "real" favorite emerges on top. Wagner is a classic example of a self-anointed number wonk who drops the spreadsheets at the first sign of distress.