Saturday, September 22, 2012

Obama Fires Up Milwaukee

Photo: Great speech.  Huge crowd. Fired up and ready to go...organize.Photo: Off to get Barack re-elected. Crowd est. 25000.
Photo: Lomhggggggg Obama line.Long line to get into the Summerfest grounds for President Obama's speech. Missed the opening acts, couldn't directly see the stage, got wet in the rain and, like everyone, left happy and fired up!


Anonymous said...

Well organized event - got some brief glimpses of O. Very diverse crowd. We left early- saw O's motorcade. The MPD did all the grunt work. Very few signs of King Vulgar's dept.

Anonymous said...

When over 80,000 people marched on the state capitol over walker's anti union policies where was the president?

When the democrats co-opted the Madison protests and sent in a recycled Mayor Barrett as Walker's alternative where was the president?

Now that the election is here, so is the president. It is simply amazing that after Obama throws Wisconsin under the bus during the Madison protests that people by the thousands would line up to see him.

Now you may forward the argument that he's the lesser of two evils or let bygones be bygones. However the fact remains that all Obama did was leave his sneakers in the white house and tweeted his tepid support.

I'm sure that the thousands that lined up to see him may see a great democratic president. I see a politician that says one thing, doesn't do it and then has nerve to come back and ask for your vote.

The people that I walked with certainly deserve a more honest and combative leader then what finally appeared in Milwaukee Saturday.