Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Dirty, Rotten Mark Belling Outrage

James Causey of the Journal Sentinel takes WISN AM 1130's right-wing Mark Belling to task for an unconscionable attack on the African-American Milwaukee man whose videotaped death while hand-cuffed and begging for his life in police custody has sparked calls for a federal probe and new state-mandated police training.

As Causey writes:

WISN-AM (1130) radio host Mark Belling referred to Derek Williams as a dirty, rotten thug and said the only reason his death is in the news is because the Journal Sentinel discovered the story.

Belling made the comments during the last three minutes of his three-hour show Wednesday. Click here to hear his rant.
It's hard to keep track of Belling's demogoguery at the expense of minorioties and the less-powerful over the years, but here is a partial scorecard of his targets:





He's the face and voice of the poison in Southeastern Wisconsin that is right-wing talk radio.

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enoughalready said...

This will be such a better city when Belling is finally off of the airwaves. I am amazed that he has lasted this long.