Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why The Need For Specifics From Mitt Romney? Remember Act 10

Mitt Romney refuses to be pinned down on the details of his economic plans, and will not disclose, for example, which deductions for which earners, or exactly which government programs he would eliminate.

But make the issue and questions broader: which budget cuts and other basic ALEC-inspired policy changes would he sign as dictated Grover Norquist, who has said he and his supporters only want a President with digits to hold a pen and sign into law what the far right might push through Congress.

The ever-changing Romney is that pliable, so the risks are real.

Specificity at this state of the campaign is certainly within the public's right to know, and we here in Wisconsin have first-hand knowledge of what can happen when a Chief Executive candidate - - Republican Scott Walker - - withheld his key policy and fiscal initiative during the campaign, then was elected and "dropped the bomb."

His phrase.

Not elegant.

Walker's blockbuster was Act 10, which stripped public sector workers of their historic-in-Wisconsin ability to bargain collectively, monkey-wrenched their internal union operations, effectively cut their pay and kept enough money out of main-street economies to stall the economy.

More results: unprecedented political battles and protests, recall elections and ongoing litigation - - all expensive measured in dollars and damage to the state's political climate and reputation.

So: disclosure matters.

Early, effective and honest disclosure is what we needed in Wisconsin, didn't get, and now want from Romney before Nov. 6th.

The longer he bobs and weaves, the more you can assume that should he win, Grover Norquist, channeling Scott Walker, will run the show.

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Anonymous said...

But - and let's be honest about the medicine America needs to get better - even after Act 10,Scott Walker was re-elected.

I'd love to hear the same question asked of Joe Biden.