Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wisconsin's King Scott Walker Slams "Activist" Judge

That June 5th recall victory has really gone to Scott Walker's head.

Our State's Viceroy, just a few days after co-opting "Read The Constitution Day," has launched an online petition against Dane County Circuit Judge Juan Colas - - the elected judge and former state prosecutor who had the audacity to rule unconstitutional portions of Walker's signature anti-union law, Act 10.

Note, I said portions.

In his haste to capitalize politically on the ruling and heat up Tea Party supporters whom polls show lukewarm to Tommy Thompson and Mitt Romney, Walker must have forgotten that Judge Colas upheld some portions of the law, as the Journal Sentinel reported:

Colas ruled against the plaintiffs on two of their claims, saying that Act 10 did not violate the constitution provisions on special legislative sessions and did not violate a prohibition against taking property without due process.
But the Emperor demands nothing less than 100% fealty from his Wisconsin subjects  - - even from those he does not appoint or otherwise control.

I can't imagine Colas or other judges around the state being the least bit intimidated by Admiral Walker's arrogant bullying and patently partisan ploy, but I can imagine some Assistant Attorneys General wondering if judges will hold General Walker's tactics against them.

The Generalissimo disrespects the separation of powers, and the Judiciary's independence - - all guaranteed in that Constitution he's apparently never read.

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