Thursday, September 27, 2012

In His First Few Minutes Today, Righty Hate-Speech Talker Mark Belling...

Opened by calling the female panel on "The View," or its viewers, "old bats...old bags...old biddies...," and continues about the TV show:

"Liberal women are always ugly...liberalism makes you ugly...liberal women are always angry...a growing number of them are playing for the other team..."

I won't be listening all day, though at some point he will dig in his heels and again attack a man who died in police custody while hand-cuffed, and dump on anyone who didn't like hearing Belling's attack.

3:50 p.m. update: I'm done. Belling is off on a rant about the coming Spain-and-Greek-style riots in the US next year if Obama is re-elected and the country slides into another recession, the 50% cuts that are needed in food stamps, and Medicare, and so on.

4:30 p.m. update: Dropped back into Belling's program just in time to hear Belling refuse to back down..."I called him a dirty rotten thug because he's a dirty rotten thug...," go on yet another word salad-heavy misogynistic rant about "fat" mothers who suffocate their children "by recklessess" in co-sleeping incidents being worse than police officers who allow a prisoner to suffocate while hand-cuffed.

And, apropros of nothing, tosses in a barb at Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Meg Kissinger, who interviewed Belling about 15 years ago, calling her a "battle axe."


jimspice said...

They're ALL becoming unhinged. This week I was banned from one righty blog and was the subject of very personal attacks, unrelated to the subject at hand or my response, on two others.

Betsey said...

I'm not going to make the gross generalizations that Belling does, but has he even looked in a mirror lately? Or ever? His wide mouth, with many smallish teeth, seems drawn back in a permanent snarl which makes his eys es squints his eyes. The overall effect is somewhat canine, and I don't mean the cute, domesticated kind. And that's before you turn the sound on. He has, as they say, a great face for radio.

His nasty visage matches well his nasty personality.

I don't know which conservative women he thinks are so superior-looking to liberal women: Ann Coulter springs to mind as the most conservative of all, but she is quite horsey-looking. Maybe his canine unattractiveness is drawn to her horsey unattractiveness?

I shudder as much to think of conservative couplings as interspecies ones.