Sunday, September 16, 2012

DNR Lottery Selects Wolf Hunt Permit Winners

Though they may have to go into the woods without their pursuing dogs a judge says can't be unleashed, select hunters will soon try to shoot wolves in Wisconsin.



Hope I win so I can go out and urinate in prime Wolf hunting grounds . No hunting for me. I will do my best to prevent a wolf's death.

Anonymous said...

The wolf population has grown to the point that there is a problem with having too many of them and the population is being reduced accordingly.

The elk population, on the other hand, has not reached this level and yet the Indians went out and shot one and nobody is complaining about that.

If you have any interest in the preservation of species by restricting our harvest of them until there is a large enough population you should be protesting the indians, not the lawful wolf hunters

Reagan's Disciple said...

@ Wolves are God's...

You can probably do that without a permit.

Make sure to wear your wolf costume as well... that is, if you really want to feel you are becoming one with nature.