Friday, September 14, 2012

Fact-Checker Slams Romney's Misstatements On Embassy Attacks

Romney continued his politicized misleading statements after the facts were known, according to The Washington Post.

In its rush to jump on the fast-moving story, the Romney campaign badly conflated the two things — and then made itself the focus of attention, instead of the administration’s policies or its handling of the crisis. If the Romney campaign had stayed largely silent for the first couple of days, the focus would have remained on the unrest unfolding in the Middle East and the administration’s policy in the region.

The continued reference to the embassy statement as “an apology” was clearly an effort by the Romney campaign to fit the statement — written by a career staffer deep in the bowels of the State Department — into the campaign’s narrative that President Obama apologizes for America. But it is too much a leap. In any administration, the statements that count are the ones issued by the political appointees.

Earlier in the week, we hesitated about handing out Pinocchios because not all of the facts had been established. But now it is pretty evident that the Romney campaign misstated the facts on Tuesday, on Wednesday — and then again on Thursday, even after the peculiar circumstances of this embassy statement had been made abundantly clear.

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Max B said...

Romney had several wonderful opportunities to appear presidential, diplomatic, worldly and foreign policy-savvy this summer: he blew every one.

Now he scrambles desperately to restore his lost credibility. You don't get there by lying, Willard, or doubling down on your screw-ups.

Boxer said...

"Facts are pesky things."

- Ronald Reagan

Boxer said...

Where's our friend Rayguns with his exhortations to "stay classy, Dems!" now that he's needed to remind Republicans and the wanna-be Republican in chief to do the same?

Nathan J. Kerr said...

Fact checkers, like the rest of the media are biased and many times pick and choose the facts they want. Let's be real.

James Rowen said...

Saying the fact-checkers are biased is silly circularity.

Saying "the media are biased" is ridiculous. Is there one media?