Friday, May 11, 2012

Why The Walker Video Disclosure Has Staying Power

I think I can say with certainty that our late colleague and friend Tim Cuprisin would have written one of his signature non-partisan and analytical posts - - one example, here - - about the power and news value of visual images had he been alive to see the video of Scott Walker telling a billionaire donor in Janesville he had a plan to "divide and conquer" the Wisconsin labor movement.

The video will resonate with even more oomph and permanency than will the prank call taped with Walker by a blogger a year ago. You can read the transcript or hear the audio through this posting.

Sound or a transcript is one thing - - and the taped call has a funny side to it because listeners are in on the joke and know that Walker wasn't - -  but seeing and hearing a politician in an unguarded heavy-duty moment is quite another - - a point I tried to make without Tim's media critic's expertise when I first began writing about the Walker video, here.

Remember the infamous taped, prank call where Scott Walker revealed his dark side to someone he thought was billionaire reactionary David Koch?

Well, Walker's outdone himself: 


Paul Trotter said...

I hope every union that supported this political sociopath wakes up to the reality of this con artist.

And all those workers that belong to unions - remember the big smacking kiss given to Walker by the owner of ABC supply.

Cindy K. said...

That was so cute. Really.

Heck a locked dumpster in the parking garage subpoenaed didn't have staying power. The prank call didn't have staying power. The demand that you weren't warned did even have staying power in the Dem primary.

You think Walker saying he plans to divide and conquer matters now?

That's so cute.