Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dems WI Unity Photo Contrasts With Imperious Walker Image

This wonderful photo of all the Democratic Gubernatorial candidates meeting calmly the morning after the election sitting in Tom Barrett's kitchen is circulating on Facebook.

Contrast its tone to the description of the fateful January, 2011 get together at the Governor's Mansion  Scott Walker described to the fake David Koch in the infamous taped prank call. We don't have any pictures, but there is audio and a transcript:

Walker: This is an exciting time. This is — you know, I told my cabinet, I had a dinner the Sunday, or excuse me, the Monday right after the 6th. Came home from the Super Bowl where the Packers won, and that Monday night I had all of my cabinet over to the residence for dinner. Talked about what we were gonna do, how we were gonna do it. We’d already kinda built plans up, but it was kind of the last hurrah before we dropped the bomb. And I stood up and I pulled out a picture of Ronald Reagan, and I said, you know, this may seem a little melodramatic, but 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan, whose 100th birthday we just celebrated the day before, had one of the most defining moments of his political career, not just his presidency, when he fired the air-traffic controllers. And, uh, I said, to me that moment was more important than just for labor relations or even the federal budget, that was the first crack in the Berlin Wall and the fall of Communism because from that point forward, the Soviets and the Communists knew that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a pushover. And, uh, I said this may not have as broad of world implications, but in Wisconsin’s history — little did I know how big it would be nationally — in Wisconsin’s history, I said this is our moment, this is our time to change the course of history.

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Far Right Republicans are light-years away from the compassion for ordinary people of liberal Democrats. It's a difference in spirit.