Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A State Of Incorporation - - Welcome to Wisconsin, Inc.

If you examine the Walker/Fitzgeralds' agenda and accomplishments [sic] to date- - the Voter ID bill locking in Republican advantages, a parade of business tax breaks, the shift of agency rule-making to the Governor's office, the management of the DNR with a "chamber of commerce mentality," the easing of mining approvals and wetlands protections, the boosting of private school choice, the crippling of public employee unions and members' collective bargaining rights, the starving of local bus systems, outright killing of both a Madison-to-Milwaukee Amtrak extension and separate SE Wisconsin commuter train, and more - - there's only one way to interpret it:

The far right, with Walker as the front-man CEO, is re-shaping Wisconsin as a subsidiary of the private sector run by the Class "A," preferred shareholders - - the WMC, major conservative donors and Americans for Prosperity-type advocacy groups, and ALEC, which provides secretive, members-only ideological and technical guidance.

That group is rewarding itself with dividends guaranteed, across the board, by Walker, the Fitzgeralds and other compliant legislative/managers on behalf of the majority, controlling Class "A" shareholders.

Everyday Wisconsin residents were assigned Class "B," or Common stock - - with smaller dividends, reduced voting power, fewer ownership rights, and less access to the board of directors.

And low-income residents - - we'll call them the "minority shareholders" - - are having their status reduced.


Despite Team Walker disinformation.

Long-term corporate control will be enforced with financing under the Citizens United decision, and further embedded in law by the Gableman-Prosser State Supreme Court-Ziegler-Roggensack majority.

They said they wanted to run the state like a business.

Welcome to Wisconsin, Inc.


dave said...

Unfortunately, the motto for new jobs so far has been "Welcome to Wisconsin....Now Go Home".

gnarlytrombone said...

Very well said, Mr. Rowen. It's radically different conception of society.

James Rowen said...

Thanks for the feedback.