Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make First Offense OWI In Wisconsin A Misdemeanor, Not A Ticket

Another effort is underway to put Wisconsin in line with the other 49 states and make first-offense drunk driving more than the mere ticket it is now.

I've lost track of the number of times I have argued for this on my blog for years.

I find it unlikely that the Legislature and Governor have the spine to take on the state's brewing, tavern and "hospitality" lobbies.

Note that pilots may not fly within eight hours of consuming any alcohol. Reflex impairment after imbibing is a well-known reality.


Todd Endres said...

I am sad to admit I have driven impaired too many times in the past, I now ride my bicycle if I know I am going to imbibe, or just get a cab or truly isn't worth it, and I have had a family disaster from a DUI incedent, and I don't wish that on anyone...we need to be in line with all the other states...thanks Jim

James Rowen said...

Good approach, Todd. Regrettably, the 16-year old nephew of our oldest son's girlfriend was killed crossing the street on foot by a drunk driver in South Dakota last week.

Data show that something like a third of US families at some point will encounter a drunk driver in a traffic accident of some kind.

Wisconsin leads the nation in so many of these categories - - OWI, OWI fatality, binge drinking, etc. etc.

And the government tolerates it.

Todd Endres said...

It is sad how Wisconsin leads in so many of these. Sadly a passenger in my daughter's car died while she was intoxicated, and now she is serving 4 years, her two kids miss her dearly, and it truly has affected too many families. We will make it, but it isn't easy, and sadly one person will not make it...they are gone!!!
ps...incident in previous post, not incedent...brain is too excited about Brewers game...

Jason Haas said...

I helped catch a drunk driver about eleven years ago. It was his first conviction. Unfortunately, it very nearly killed me when he slammed his huge SUV into my little tiny car.

It doesn't really matter that this was in Georgia, rather than Wisconsin. It's a horrible crime anywhere.