Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will influential Walker Backers Now Say "Enough is Enough?"

To the editorial boards and moderate Republicans who said Scott Walker was the right choice for Wisconsin, a question:

When will Walker damage enough of the programs and goals you have backed for you to withdraw that support?

If it wasn't derailing federally-constructed Amtrak service from Milwaukee to Madison, if it wasn't jeopardizing the nascent wind turbine industry, if it wasn't shifting the biomass generating plant in Madison back to fossil fuels, if it wasn't pushing a private bill for a donor to fill a Green Bay wetlands, if it isn't grabbing off rule-making authority from the legislature - - is Walker's undoing the popular Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund program the tipping point?

Is there an overreach anywhere in this radical performance by a governor elected with just 52% of the vote that gives you genuine pause about where Walker and his extreme team are taking the state?

Do you have the commitment and consistency to come out and say, "enough is enough?"

The Stewardship Fund is about as bi-partisan, non-partisan and broadly popular a state-branded program we have. Urban, rural,and suburban people use and enjoy it, as do hikers, hunters and anglers.

Are you willing to watch the public interest in Wisconsin get the Grover Norquist--shrink-and drown-in-the-bathtub arch-reactionary treatment?

Is nothing worth preserving here?


eddee said...

The Knowles-Nelson fund is one the the best things Wisconsin has going for it in terms of public policy. One thing that makes Wisconsin great is our environment and the legacy of great advocates like Muir and Leopold, just to name the cream of a large crop.

Anonymous said...

Walker will soon be entering a 10 min. "Best Managed State Parks" video contest and win.

Everyone will just look the other way as the State Parks suffer under Walkers watch. Didn't it win a Gold medal? Everything must be fine.

The same thing that is happened to the Milwaukee County Parks System under Scott Walker and Sue Black.