Thursday, February 10, 2011

Walker Wetlands Release Flooded With Irony

Scott Walker issued a news release earlier this week praising the adoption of the special Green Bay wetlands filling bill for Bass Pro Shops - - on which the business says it will not build - - and weirdly called it "our Ashley Furniture moment" - - a reference to a controversy some years ago when Ashley fought and won permission in 2005 to build on 13.5 acres of wetlands in Arcadia.

I guess the Walker people forgot that Ashley's facility this summer was flooded. Losses topped $6 million.

Makes you think (and some disagree) that just maybe some of those wetlands that became concrete and fill could have soaked up some of that destructive water flow, as that's what wetlands do. (see: Katrina, Gulf Coast, flooding of...).

Here's the Walker release (hat tips to State Rep. Brett Hulsey, Milwaukee Riverkeeper):

February 2, 2011 For Immediate Release Contact: Cullen Werwie, 608‐267‐7303
Governor Walker Statement on Passage of SSSB 10

Madison–Governor Scott Walker today issued the following statement on the Assembly and Senate’s passage of legislation that will allow for a development in Green Bay while balancing environmental concerns.

“This is our Ashley Furniture moment, to show that we are serious about reforming DNR and other agencies to balance regulatory needs with job creation,” said Governor Scott Walker.

“Special thanks go to Senator Kedzie and Representative Mursau for shepherding through this legislation that will show we are serious about streamlining state bureaucracy.”

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Boxer said...

Better not get your streamlining mixed up with your steamrolling.