Friday, February 4, 2011

Walker Inks Wetlands Deal For Project Already Dropped

So now we're seeing the stubborn side of Scott Walker, reminiscent a bit of George W. Bush, who didn't apologize or change course when silly facts suggested otherwise.

Walker signed that more-or-less private bill allowing a donor to build a fishing supply store on wetlands in Green Bay - - though the legal review of the wetlands fill hadn't been completed AND the fishing supply store publicly said as a matter or policy that it did not build on wetlands.

So Walker makes his point, which is exactly what?


Anonymous said...

My Republican state assembly person sent out an email notification on the topic yesterday that concluded saying essentially, no big deal. Just curious, was this the same R party line, press release, closing paragraph handed out by your R state assembly rep?

"Governor Walker’s Special Session Bill allows the agreement reached between the previous Administration and the developer to go forward. As a strong supporter of wetlands, I would always prefer they not be affected by development, but sometimes it is unavoidable and that is why we have rules to govern those incidents. In this case, I felt that those rules were satisfied and both the developer and Department have pledged to honor their agreement with the passage of this legislation."

Unavoidable? Strong supporter of wetlands? Yeah, right.


James Rowen said...

This is so disingenuous. The partisan spin. It's what drives people away from politics.

Yes, the previous administration's DNR said the project could go forward in a process that comes with an appeal, and an appeal was filed.

And that's why Walker proposed a special bill to stop the appeals process.

Who knows how it could have come out? Aye, nay, a different negotiated solution?

Walker and his allies interrupted the process, which the previous administration did not do.

nonquixote said...

Whole-heartedly in agreement with you, Mr Rowen. My current state assembly rep was not my choice as I don't think this person is someone intellectually capable of being able to compose a complete sentence, much less a whole press release. However, this is someone who showed great aptitude with playing at rubber stamping in the special session.

I'm still on the R email list no doubt from the numerous complaints I've sent to their office.

Just wondering if this was the statewide R boilerplate press release, to bring it to the attention of our assembly district voters.