Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wisconsin Motorcyclists' Deaths Still Up 30% This Year

87 motorcycle driver fatalities so far this year, compared to 69 during the same period, according to WisDOT data.

This is a trend I began tracking a month ago.


Anonymous said...

Any idea why motorcycle fatalities are up this year James?

James Rowen said...

Could be the weather, or baby-boomers en masse riding beyond their limitations.

These accidents are often correlated with speed and alcohol, but I cannot explain the increase.

Anonymous said...

Don't the demographics of the population dictate that baby-boomers is the largest population group of motorcycle riders this year and probably for the last 25 years?

Which means they are probably going to be the involved in many of these accidents.

So why make a disparaging remark about baby boomers?

By the way if you take a look at the accidents - it is just as likely due to someone in a four (or more) wheeled vehicle causing the accident, as the rider of the motorcycle themselves.

James Rowen said...

Nothing disparaging meant. I have seen articles about the large number of boomers riding, that's all.

I've been trying to figure out if there are factors to be understood, or if this is an anomaly.