Monday, September 20, 2010

Waukesha Blogger Snipes At Milwaukee

Jim Wigderson whips up an attack on Mayor Tom Barrett and the city over efforts to boost bicycle usage in the city.

What he's saying is that biking isn't for everyone, or people like himself, so it shouldn't be part of an urban transportation mix.


And while he mocks the idea of plowing bike paths, he ought to check with Scott Walker and Milwaukee County, because they plow the bike and walking paths in and along Lake Park.

Jim is also a major proponent of Waukesha's plan to divert water from Lake Michigan via the Milwaukee Water Works. You don't win friends at Milwaukee City Hall by bashing Milwaukee, city living and urban dynamics.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying you shouldn't be teeing off like that.

But it isn't very strategic.


John said...

Were it not for the fact that I know Mr. Wigderson is indeed an actual person, I would have taken that post for parody.

Anonymous said...

Waukesha and Brookfield (New Behr-lin too) hate pedestrians. The bustops have no sidewalks and shelters, the sidewalks end in the middle of a block and they "pull over" folks who are merely walking to run ID's etc.

It's as if they are saying, "You can come here and wash our dishes and landscape our yards but don't think we're gonna make it easy.

Brookfield road is a death wish for bikers.

Boxer said...

Wigderson snipes at everything--that's how he rolls. He rarely has a positive suggestion, idea or thought--at least one he's willing to put in writing, anyway. I'm sure he's all rainbows and bubbles in his personal life, though.

Dad29 said...

Brookfield road is a death wish for bikers.

I'm sure that the City will be happy to accept your contribution of $500K to widen the road and insert bike-lane.