Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Scott Walker And His Pile Of Rubble

Barrett video contrasts city leadership in job creation in the Menomonee Valley with Walker's pile of rubble in the Park East corridor.

The Valley is a genuine success story.

Walker has nothing similar to show for his eight years in office.

Because since day one, his only focus was running for Governor. Everything else was less important.

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Boxer said...

I disagree with you that Walker has nothing to show for his 8 years in office:

one dead and two injured by falling concrete panels at O'Donnell park

at least two babies born to mentally ill mothers, perhaps 67 or more sexual assaults, and untold physical assaults at Mke County Mental Health Complex

a park system that used to be a sparkling jewel, now an unkempt shambles

a bus system that's far less effective, affordable or user-friendly than when he took over

. . . and so on.