Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Barrett Posts Walker's "Worst" Fakery

Glad to see Team Barrett posting on the candidate's website GOP opponent Scott Walker's "Worst Person in the World" award from Keith Olbermann.

Challenged by and envious of Barrett's detailed, 67-page jobs plan, Walker had a short competing memo filled with rhetoric and platitudes stretched to 68 pages (sic) by having the text blown up into huge, headline-size font.

Pages have about 15 words, or less if they are a photo or sub-title page.

Walker's phony pitch and graphic tricks are on the level of the late-night cable infomercials for diet supplements that will melt off the weight and transfer it to your garden tomatoes while you sleep.

You'd might expect this juvenilia, this superficiality from an unprepared college student caught flat-footed by an exam question - - writing on lined paper in REALLY BIG SCRIPT, or on one side of the page to convey the impression that he or she actually had something substantive to say, but from a candidate for Governor?

About jobs and the economy?

It makes you wonder how much photo-shopping and other forms of fakery or inflated claims have already been inserted throughout Walker's literature.

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Anonymous said...

Walkers manifesto is gone. Hope you cached it.