Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Caught In a Mistake, Belling Spins, Ducks And Weaves

I heard 1130 WISN-AM radio squawker Mark Belling yesterday accuse Russ Feingold of faking a TV commercial by pretending to be filmed in front of his Middleton house.

Heavy accusation.

Today, after being ripped by the Journal Sentinel, Belling kinda backed down a bit, saying he had only made an accusation that he had said he could not prove - - a window into how talk radio operates - - and conceded that Feingold indeed had been at the ad shoot.

But having it both ways, Belling said he would not fully retract his statement because he felt the ad had been heavily edited, or perhaps re-shot, in a studio.

He said this even after putting the ad crew's sound man on the air, who told Belling he had watched the  filming and had put a microphone on the candidate to record the audio.

And he took Belling to task for changing his angle of attack against the ad from an outright fake setting to an allegation that the ad had been re-shot.

Belling knows that commercial footage can be taken into a studio for editing - - but no matter, because this is the essence of talk radio:

Say anything and just walk away.

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Big Toe said...

Wow, Belling must have really pushed the liberal button on this one, and I find it hillarious.

Are you and the gang at JS closet listeners? Or maybe it was the "volunteer listeners" at grassroots northshore that sounded the alarm?

As you repeatedly point out, he's just a right-wing squaker. The JS's modus operandi has been to ignore him and his stories(especially since Cuprisn made his exit). Now, all of a sudden, an opinion he holds is relevant. So much for all the effort put into minimalizing talk radio, huh?

The JS even goes so far as to make his opinion the basis of a "politifact" story, the first non-politician to be scrutinized this whole election season! LOL

All this outrage over a little ol' talk show host. He's an entertainer. He voices opinions. He regularly discloses this, and in situations such as this case, if he doesn't have evidence to back up his opinions as fact he discloses that, also.

It's just an opinion, LOL! Deep breaths... count to ten...whatever...