Friday, September 24, 2010

Walker Campaign Slogan: "Don't Look At Me"

County Exec Scott Walker's laughable effort to disown his own campaign website's trickery - - it's someone else's fault - - inflating the import of a jobs plan by expanding the type for appearance sake to headline-sized lettering - - speaks volumes about Walker's terms in office as well as his run for Governor.

Walker skims the surface, and when the going gets tough, finds a scapegoat and takes a walk.

His campaign Tweeted racialized video when Barack Obama came to town on Labor Day?

That was someone else's fault.

The County's finances are in a mess eight years after Walker took office?

That's still Tom Ament's fault, say Walker's apologists, but remember that continuing and scandalous insider deals within the pension system that occurred on Walker's watch, when explained by the Journal Sentinel, won reporter Dave Umhoefer a Pulitzer Prize.

County's budgets go up every year?

That's the Board's fault - - though Walker each year uses the increase he says the Board has created as his base for another "no-increase" budget.

67 sexual assaults and a patient starving to death at the Mental Health Complex - - on Walker's watch?

Transfer a senior administrator to a $91,000-a-year-job, but stonewall and withhold a consultant's report on the facility.

The O'Donnell parking ramp fatal collapse?

Walker quickly laid that at the feet of the contractor who installed the panel that fell, then backed off because the investigation had just begun and is yet to be completed.

The ramp, however had been allowed to deteriorate to the point at which it needs $2 million in repairs unrelated to the fatal panel falling?

Let's change the subject: Walker deflects that by endorsing selling the entire site for a new development.

With Walker, the finger is always pointed elsewhere.

That's not leadership.

Trying to contain damaging information until after the election?

It's evasion - - and Walker's sycophants are ready and willing to enable it.

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