Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unmasking The Coverup Of The Coverup - - A Flagrant Act Of Journalism

This is what Keith Olbermann (see video) has done for voters assessing whether Ron Johnson (R) should be elected in November to the US Senate.

Olbermann has committed a flagrant act of journalism - - unraveling the coverup of a coverup.

Coverup #1 - - The Green Bay Catholic Diocese had moved around a pedophile priest, and maybe others whose names are not being released.

Coverup #2 - -Johnson, a member of the Diocesan finance board that handles claims against offending priests testified against a bill in the legislature in January that would have made it easier for some victims of childhood abuse to sue - - but Johnson did not disclose to the legislative committee before which he testified that he was on that church board.

Instead, he testified as a businessman.

Why not?

Because it would have exposed a conflict of interest and made Johnson look as if his values had flown away.

Which is precisely what he looks like right now.

Is he Senatorial timber?

Are you kidding?

The honorable course for him is to drop out..


Anonymous said...

And then there is RoJo's fuzzy math on his TV spot where at the dry erase board he lists that there are 100 Senators, dismisses as somehow irrelevant 47 Senators who are attorneys, then states there are no business men and no accountants or some such nonsense and that he is a business man and an accountant. Then he make the claim that he will seemingly equal two senators, but neglects to mention anything about the rest of the Senate? What's that all about, someone help me please.

non quixote

Walter said...

Johnson does say that he sits on a Catholic board at the end of the testimony...he just leaves out the pertinent finance board detail.

So you drain the shallow end of the pool of businessmen in Wisconsin and this is what you get.

Is there really no one in the GOP in Wisconsin that could run for Senate that has a crystal clear stance on whose side they are on between child molesters and victims?

Ron R said...

But Anonymous, Walter, and James are the only 3 people in the state that can actually tolerate sitting through Olbermann show. He stopeed being relevant or interesting when he left ESPN.

enoughalready said...

And still, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel remains silent.

Anonymous said...

Ron R - imho Olbermann was an insufferable jackass even when he was a sports reporter at ESPN.