Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mark Belling Issues Non-Apology Apology To Feingold

Here's the text the drive time entertainer posted on his blog today about his failed accusation that US Senator Russ Feingold had faked an appearance in a campaign ad..

He also calls the ad "disingenuous," a word I accuse Belling of stealing from me off this blog headline of mine from Tuesday - -The Year Of The GOP's Campaigning Disingenuously - - .but it's just an accusation and I don't have any proof.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you being serious or if this is one of your lame attempts at humor, but if you listen to Belling with any frequency you would know he often uses the word disingenuous.

Mind you not as much as his favorite word 'phony', but often enough.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disappoint you Anonymous, but he was in fact "attempting" to be funny by mocking Belling with his accusation of plagerism.

James Rowen said...

Thank goodness somebody got it.

Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness somebody got it."

And it was 2 stupid conservatives no less.