Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scott Walker's Fake 68-Page Jobs Plan Ridiculed On National TV

He wins the MSNBC coveted "Worst Person In The World" award for that bit of campaign dishonesty.

Walker's turning into our very own Sharron Angle.


xoff said...

cThat's the third "worst" award for the Walker campaign from Countdown.

Anonymous said...

Being criticized by loathsome Keith Olbermann is a badge of honor for conservatives.

This should help Walker pick up those out-state Neumann voters.

Joshua Skolnick said...

If the Wisconsin electorate is stupid enough to vote for a prettyboy with a faux populist shtick and no real plans to solve systemic problems in the state, then they deserve this homegrown George Bush II clone.

His record of failure at everything he does is only mitigated by the fact that like Bush II, he is a pliant bought and paid for puppet of the plutocracy and will do their bidding. Ordinary Wisconsinites, like the bottom 90 percent of Americans under the Bush II administration, will be told to pound sand as the state infrastructure deteriorates and costs go up for ordinary people. What a deal.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to beat up on such nonsense, but what is the Dems job plan?

To get back on track, the electorate has to realize

1) If you can print your own money, you can't be in debt (you might cause inflation, if you're near capacity).

2) In a recession/depression, the Federal government, with its power to print money, must be the spender of last resort.

I.e., we need good old fashioned, spend 150% of GDP, like we did in WWII buildup, to grow the economy and get everyone back to work.

3) This requires an industrial policy. Otherwise it's simply a race to the bottom.

And none of this can be conceived of by business people, because it is out of their useful context. They have their place but not in government.

I don't hear (or read) any of this on campaign websites. Maybe I missed it. Are there any democrats addressing these basic policy issues?

Anonymous said...

Sharron Angle, as in the next junior Senator from the great state of Neveda?

That Sharron Angle?

James Rowen said...

Sharron "Autism Air-Quotes" Angle?

I think not.

Anonymous said...

There are many many things you think Rowen that are completely wrong.

This will be just one more to add to the list.

Looking forward to Nov 2nd.

GMBofWIS said...

Wow, Walker's plan is one page longer than Barrett's jobs plan! I suspect that if Barrett had had 100 pages, Walker would have somehow come up with 101, but can you imagine the size of the font it would take for that?! When you reduce Scott Walker's 69 pages to a normal size font, it fills about a page and a half. Compare that to Barrett's plan, in a standard size font, of course, which actually spells out specific ideas, not merely vague, sweeping generalizations like Walker's.

This totally asinine prank looks to me like a deliberate insult to the people of this state. Whenever Walker speaks, I feel like I'm listening to snake oil salesman.