Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day Of Audacity On WISN-AM Radio

On Wednesday morning, I listened as 1130 WISN-AM squawker Vikki McKenna said UW-Madison students were not smart enough to see through Barack Obama's claims during Tuesday's Library Mall speech because they were being taught by chemistry teachers who were socialists.

Then she went on to accuse Barack Obama of "lying" - - her word - - to an Albuquerque back-yard audience when she said he claimed to be a born again Christian.

Then, after a break, admitted that Barack Obama hadn't used the phrase "born again Christian" to describe his personal path to faith and belief.

So he lied about something he didn't say?

Then, during the afternoon drive time, Mark Belling wrestled with truthiness with regard to his allegations that Russ Feingold had put a fake television ad on the air.

An allegation he said he could not prove.

Which is about as absurd as claiming someone lied about something not said.

On talk radio, you can say anything and just keep right on going.


angela recada said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Angela - were you equally upset by the lack of respect shown the previous President?