Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More On The Voter Caging Plot - - From The Good Folks At OWN Who Discovered It

Voter caging is a notorious voter suppression technique used to challenge the registration status of eligible voters to prevent him or her from voting in an election
Usually, caging occurs when an official-looking, non-forwardable piece of mail is sent to a group of registered voters, often to minorities and students. The parties involved in caging then compile a list of voters whose mail was returned as undeliverable. On Election Day, these organizations will use the undeliverable mail to challenge voters at the polls, utilizing law enforcement and attorneys to support their challenges.
The goal of caging is two-fold. First, is to force as many voters as possible to cast provisional ballots, which require voters to follow-up the day after an election for the ballot to be counted. Historically, about 35% of all provisional ballots are never counted. Additionally, voters whose registration is challenged at the polling place are unlikely to have the required material to complete an Election Day registration, meaning the voter will be turned away at the polls.
The second goal is to create long lines at the polling place as the caging operation challenges voter after voter. Many people cannot afford to sit in line to vote for hours on end. Long lines discourage voters and many simply leave without casting a ballot.
Voter caging is a violation of the Help America Vote Act and is illegal.

Who's Involved

Wisconsin GOP

Republican Party of WI

WISGOP will allegedly provide training for 'poll watchers' and an army of lawyers to support the caging efforts. WISGOP would also allegedly provide the voter database to create the caging list.
Americans For Prosperity

Americans for Prosperity

AFP of Wisconsin will allegedly provide the funding for the mailer to be sent to voters targeted for caging.
Tea Party Groups

WI Tea Party Groups

Various Tea Party groups would provide volunteers who will act as poll watchers on Election Day.

Take Action

demand an investigation

Stand up for voter rights and add your voice to the call for a full investigation into the alleged voter caging plot by the Republican Party of Wisconsin, Americans for Prosperity, and the Tea Party.
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Anonymous said...

Is "good folks" code for scum?

Just curious.

James Rowen said...

I posted that comment to give readers a taste of the kind of comments the right sends me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you Mr. Rowen but I am not of "the right" as you have assumed..

Consider myself a centrist independent who has equal contempt for the left and right.

Contempt that includes 501c organizations like OWN that do not disclose who is financing them or for the most part who is part of the organization.

You have identified yourself as being involved with OWN yet other than the 4 employees identified on the website, apparently no one else including yourself is proud enough of being associated with OWN to note it on the website.

And if you want a good laugh check out OWN's ‘What We Do' declaration - they say it is to "advance progressive leadership and value". Is that accomplished by doing nothing but posting one rip after the other of Republicans, conservatives, and anyone else critical of your side regardless of the validity.

That is why I referred to them as being scummy. Personally I do not believe in building yourself up by relentless attacks on others.

Granted maybe I am to ‘the right’ of you Sir - but then again so it most of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Not that it is surprising, looks like Rowen had no witty retort to the last posting.