Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The GOP's Year Of Campaigning Disingenuously

There's no stopping them:

Ron Johnson and his no-government subsidies claim - - true if you overlook a publicly-funded rail provided by loal government spur to his business, and a $4 million, low-interest industrial revenue bond loan also made available by local government.

Or his failure to disclose to a legislative committee his institutional interests in a church sex scandal.

Out in Delaware, Tea Partier/GOP Senate nominee Christine O'Donnell continues to promote faked academic credentials.

And now to this pattern we can add an even weirder example supplied by a local talk radio entertainer:

Mark Belling has trapped himself by making and then only partially withdrawing an allegation Belling admits he cannot prove - - a claim that Russ Feingold faked his appearance in a television commercial filmed in front of his Middleton home.

Truthiness is in short supply on the Right this election season.

I guess we are supposed to understand because they are so angry this year and motivated to take back the country.

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