Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sexual Assault Victim Calls Out Ron Johnson Over Opposition To Victims' Rights - - And He had Been A Johnson Supporter

This is one of the most amazing news videos I have ever seen:

The background:

GOP Republican Senate candidate had embroiled himself in the ongoing debate over the rights of childhood sexual victims to sue - - such as victims of abuse by priests - - by testifying against a bill in the Wisconsin legislature that would have made it easier for those childhood victims to sue in civil court.

But in the testimony - - video here - - Johnson did not disclose that he was sat on a board within the Diocese of Green Bay that dealt with such lawsuits.

And that diocese has been deeply roiled by allegations of sexual assaults by priests.

Tonight on MSNBC's "Countdown" program with Keith Olbermann, one of those very Green Bay diocese abuse victims tells Olbermann he is disappointed by the superficiality and thoughtlessness of Johnson's testimony - - and here's the kicker: the victim had been a supporter of Johnson's campaign.

And only learned of Johnson's relationship with the Church litigation board yesterday.

Now he says Johnson needs a personal "come to Jesus moment."


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