Friday, September 24, 2010

The Atmosphere Is Warming; The Evidence Is Clear, So The Solution Is?

I guess it's close your eyes, vote Republican and crank up the AC.

Our children and theirs will be demanding answers.


Anonymous said...

Whoa there - I thought it was climate change or climate disruption.

Are we back to global warming now?

It is hard to keep up when you are changing what you are calling it on an almost daily basis.

James Rowen said...

I said the atmosphere was warming. Kindly read more carefully.

Ron R said...

I don't have AC so James can crank his up double to make up for me. (James, your bill is in the mail)

Anonymous said...

But if the atmosphere is indeed warming as claimed - why have you and the other eco-nuts abandoned the term "Global Warming"?

James Rowen said...

Friend - - climate change is real. Glacial melt is real. Rising seal levels are real. The nuts are people who think you can throw regularly billions or tons of greenhouse gas pollutants into the air we breathe above the oceans without consequence.