Friday, September 17, 2010

Walker Tosses Out O'Donnell Park 'Solution' - - Then Off To Campaigning

Priorities, priorities: County Exec Walker tossed off an idea about washing the County's hands of the O'Donnell Park facility he allowed to deteriorate - - and then hit the campaign trail, according to his Twitter page:

  1. Rally in Waukesha. Now off 2 event @ Cabella's. #wigov #believeinwi
  2. Just back from great stop in Waunakee @ Endres Manufacturing. Now off 2 Waukesha. #wigov #believeinwi
  3. Outstanding stop @ Rol-Tec in Brown Co 2 talk about plan! #wigov #brownbag #believeinwi
  4. Flew over Lambeau Field. Go Pack Go!
  5. Holding a roundtable w/ small business leaders @ Tool Service 2 talk about our job plan. #wigov #believeinwi


Anonymous said...

Walker tweets that he was at the Courthouse all morning but his tweets are only an hour apart from his next tweet of having a round table meeting??.... I am sure his campaign people are more on the ball than to tweet less than near real time...and all AM is longer than an hour....

"In working on co budget @ courthouse all AM.
about 10 hours ago via HootSuite

James Rowen said...

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Ruh roh Rowen - looks like Dan Bice has exposed in the MJS what the Dem and your strategery is regarding O'Donnell Park.

And please read the comments - they are golden.