Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Scott Walker Finger-Pointing

The other day I posted an item about Scott Walker's pattern of evading responsibility.

It was titled "Scott Walker's Campaign Slogan: 'Don't Look At Me,' and catalogued a number of instances in his run for Governor and eight-year tenure in office when Walker made sure the buck didn't stop with himself.

Today the Journal Sentinel has a story about Walker, his mismanaged and dangerous mental health complex and an investigative report that is being withheld.

That story starts with these words:

"Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker sought to distance himself Tuesday from a decision..."

In the story, Walker says he supports the decision, hasn't read the report but blames the unusual withholding on attorneys and County Board Chairman Lee Holloway.


Evasion of responsibility is hardly a recipe for managing a large organization.

The Walker way - - walking away from leadership - - has failed at the county level when it comes to budgeting, social service provision, Park East development, land sales, mental health protective care, or physical inspection of county buildings.

Red ink...crumbling or wasted assets...policy inertia:  It would be reckless to put that mentality in the Governor's office.

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enoughalready said...

This is the way Walker has operated from day one as county executive. I don't recall the details, but I do recall he had a mini-scandal (covered in the paper) early on, due to some discrepancies between his explanation of things and the documented facts. Was this possibly related to finances? I simply do not recall the details. But I remember the Journal Sentinel faulting him for his dishonesty, as they could hardly do otherwise.