Saturday, March 7, 2009

Milwaukee County Supervisors Should Take Control Of Stimulus Funding

Scott Walker keeps politicking against federal stimulus funding on behalf of county taxpayers, so the Board of Supervisors may take control of the process.

Good for the board - - and for the record, this is something I suggested a few weeks ago in a Sunday Journal Sentinel Crossroads op-ed piece, to wit:

Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker must be steered or yanked away from his absurd "no-stimulus money" approach - which is less a public policy theory and more a campaign position that puts taxpayers last.

Milwaukee County has structural poverty, broken infrastructure and a failing bus system - a municipal recipe if there ever was one for targeted stimulus financing, new ideas and fresh leadership.

If Walker can't rise to the occasion, and because Doyle and all state residents want to get the maximum use of whatever federal stimulus dollars come this way, the governor should consider assigning Milwaukee County's share of stimulus funding to its County Board or to creative partnerships with the City of Milwaukee and the other municipalities in Milwaukee County.

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