Monday, March 30, 2009

Groups Urge Rule-Making Prior To Great Lakes Diversions; DNR Flinching

A coalition of statewide conservation and environmental groups documented deficiencies in New Berlin's application for a Lake Michigan diversion, but the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - - the agency reviewing what is the first such application under the new Great Lakes Compact - - signalled Tuesday that it could review New Berlin's plan without first writing administrative rules covering the diversion approval process.

This would be a severe blow to Great Lakes regional cooperation, as the other states are looking to Wisconsin to handle the New Berlin application, and Waukesha's probable request later this year, with the highest level of resource management, legal and scientific skills imaginable.

A rush to approval is unnecessary, and a dreadful precedent.

Let's hope the DNR comes to its senses, requires New Berlin to clean up the deficiencies catalogued in the groups' comments, and takes the time to have rules and procedures in place for New Berlin's application and those to follow.

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The River Otter said...

Absolutely right.
I thought the DNR was supposed to be the system of checks and balances for this kind of thing. It would set terrible precedent.