Monday, March 16, 2009

Climate Change Escalating, Experts Warn

At least now we have an administration that values science over magic, and special interest carveouts.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love these articles, nothing but a bunch of scary words put together aimed to make people think there needs to be something done about the catastrophe that's coming. I guess nobody is noticing the newly discovered data that the warming kind of stopped and it's more of a cooling now. Everyone just lives on the data from 15 years ago and assumes that the temperature will keep rising rapidly. Funny how the last decade was showing mild regression in the temperatures. Media needs to publish some stories from the skeptics too (realists to me). Maybe then it would be a little more clear what's really going on here.

Take care, Jay

TWW said...

Vancouver Real Estate Agent... thank you.

Back in the late 1400s, popular opinion believed that the earth was flat. They were wrong.

Today, a lot of people crying the woes of Global Warming are also benefiting finiancially or getting the federal funding to support their livelihood. Are they right or wrong?

I have no doubt that I/we am negatively impacting our ecology. The question is, to what degree?
Answer: More than zero, but far less than the financially benefiting experts.

TWW said...

Have you actually researched the topic to get and review differing views? Or are you like most of the population that merely parrots what the media tells us.

In other words are you making informed decisions or is your blog merely a dispatcher of "same sh_t, different day" stories.