Friday, March 27, 2009

Walker's Folly: County Board Will Prevail In Stimulus Struggle

So in the end, Milwaukee's County Board has the votes to override Scott Walker's opposition to federal stimulus funding.

As I urged on this blog weeks ago.

Some endgame you were playing there, Mr. County Executive - - taking a drubbing from the County Board after embracing a variety of shifting, made-up-as-it-went-along positions against stimulus funding - - sorta - - that were internally and politically illogical, and as we see now: self-defeating.

As I have said on this blog - - in this farcical exercise, Walker has wounded himself through ideological rigidity and an addictive allegiance to talk radio.

Here is the truth about the talkers.

They just talk. They do not govern, or make decisions, or shoulder responsibility for policy and for voters - - especially the elderly, the poor and the unemployed - - who need action and leadership and judgement to help them live their lives.

County government has enough problems without self-inflicted, willful, mean-spirited penury, which is the position Walker was willing to take to curry favor with a few conservative talk show hosts.

And to move forward his increasingly dazed goal of unseating Jim Doyle.

After this charade, are you kidding me?

The stimulus money will come to Milwaukee County, as it should, though probably delayed, and perhaps, like the federal transit money that was 10% and $9 million less through similar Walker inaction, in smaller amounts.

All in all, not Walker's finest hour politically, but certainly one of his most revealing.


Anonymous said...

So if "talkers" are irrelevant, then why should he listen to you?

Seriously, what a self refuting argument, brilliant.


James Rowen said...

I'm not asking Walker to listen to me.