Friday, March 13, 2009

Transit Funding Deadlock Broken With 60-40 City/County Split

Congress has ruled:

The $91.5 million in transit funds for Milwaukee that has languished for years because Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker would not split it 50-50 with the City of Milwaukee will now be split 60-40 in favor of the city, according to the Milwaukee Mayor's office.

The city is now free to invest its share on a downtown rail system, while the county can use its portion on a rapid bus system.

The mayor's office told the Common Council today:

The recently passed Federal Omnibus Budget bill contains language, originating on the House side and reaffirmed in the Senate, that dedicates 60% of the remaining $91.5 million to the downtown rail project and 40% of the funds for energy efficient buses to operate on bus rapid transit routes. Mayor Barrett made it quite clear that if the County Executive would not sign-off on an agreeable solution for spending the $91.5 million, the Mayor would ask our Congressional delegation for assistance. In meetings with members of the delegation in the fall and later, in December of last year, the 60-40 split was agreed upon.


Emily said...

I think a "zing!" would be appropriate right about now.

James Rowen said...

And Walker gets more federal funds - - but these he'll take! Amazing.
And yes - - Zing!