Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pining Away For The Good Old Days...

When there were no new-fangled ideas, like zoning and planning.

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Anonymous said...

I've quit addressing McIlheran's goofiness when it comes to addressing city planning. He's gotten so moonbat that it's just not worth it.

Also, the column he wrote a few months back where he - - a journalist who needs access to the media to supply context - - admits to still possessing ONLY a pre-digital TV and that he hasn't worked up the nerve to buy either a converter or, gasp, a new TV indicates to me that he indeed marches to not only a different drummer but a different instrument entirely. I have one TV in the whole house, but am I fiscally crazy to have spent the money to stay current with what CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ANC, CBS, PBS etc. is beaming out to me?

THIS is a guy you want commenting on the pros and cons of investing in rail?