Friday, March 27, 2009

Going Dark For An Hour Saturday Night Is A Worldwide Teach-In

People the world over, including right here in Milwaukee, are agreeing to shut off their electricity for an hour to demonstrate energy savings through collective action.

Details here.

Talk radio has been mocking this now-annual event, but they seem to forget that the air we will make cleaner and the fuels we will save - - in what is clearly a symbolic gesture - - benefits them, too.


Anonymous said...

I will be turning on every light in my home, turn the heat up to 80 and have both my cars running for 1 hour. I am so sick of this global warming nonsense. I thought the debate was over, but the journal piece the other day proved otherwise.

The UN is using GW as a wealth re-distribution plan. Thank god, global warming is last on American's list of problems.

Dave1 said...

I agree with anonymous that the debate may not be over. I don't believe human activity is causing warming. However, I don't think anyone can argue that conservation isn't a good thing. Turning out the lights anytime, not just for an hour Saturday is a good idea.

James Rowen said...


Well, go ahead and waste energy; you have to pay for it, though regrettably, other people would have to breathe the pollution - - if you are serious, that is.

The debate is not over. One article does not a conclusion make. In fact, the article said the scientists believe that temperatures will rise globally as the century moves on.

The authors of the study that the article quoted said they hoped their findings would not be twisted by people into something unrecognizable, and they also said they believed that pollution does release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that are harmful.

Anonymous said...

I intend to turn off everything at 7:30PM. I will use the main breaker so that nothing in my home gets power. I will not even use my laptop computer battery because it will only require recharging later which would undermine the purpose.
I think this is the best way to show solidarity with the vacuous and moronic left for earth hour. I will make sure that my home is perfectly in synch with this symbolic lunacy.

At 8:30, I will then turn everything on, thus celebrating human achievement, ingenuity, free markets, progress and all of the wonderful innovations that freedom has given to [hu]mankind.

I am personally thrilled that the lefties continue to push this crap. Just like Gaylord “achieved nothing in my wasted carbon producing life” Nelson gave us Earth Day back in the crappy days of the ‘70s, this silly, symbolic ritual will help to underscore where you all wish to take us.

I am also excited that Tom “Peter Principle” Barrett will be adding his significant intellectual and political weight to the event. His adult sized train set is further testimony to the achievements of this wonderful effort. I expect that future “Earth Hour” celebrations will include shutting down the train set. It will be an unnoticed inconvenience because the regular, indigent users of this transit system will already be fast asleep and they will be quite pleased to have an hour’s worth of respite from the pre-recorded voice advising that the doors will open or close in three or four languages.

Earth Hour is the ultimate demonstration of the absurd. It is the Cheryl “hygenius” Crowe moment for the greenies.

This hour of “darkness” is the perfect illumination and high-water mark of thought for the the green-left.

If only your ideas would have an impact for a mere one hour of the year. Unfortunately, greenies have chosen to go dim, 24/7 for 365.

Recycle Raccoon said...

Dave's point is one of the more popular points that I have been hearing in the green community. It is nice to have this event to generate publicity, but it should spur everyone to think about their actions the other 8759 hours in the year. Anon will be happy to know that there is a celebration Sat just for him too. According to Greenbiz, this "mind-blowingly strange" revelry in electric use will be called Human Achievement Hour. I did a little digging and put together some stats at my blog:

James Rowen said...

To Anon;


James Rowen said...

To Dave1: Are you saying that there is no connection between human activity and warming?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it is indeed true as reported that the king of enviromentalist wacko's Al Gore, did not even turn off his lights. I really LMAO on that one.

The River Otter said...

I don't see how conserving non-renewable energy and encouraging others to do so also, even if for a while, makes one a jerk. That is really a leap in logic.