Thursday, March 26, 2009

Parking Meter Rates Up In Milwaukee; Worse In Chi-Town

Yeah, parking meter rates are up in downtown and the Third Ward. I got nailed twice recently by meter readers who must have been equipped with cloaking devices.

A quarter gets you ten minutes now - - and I sympathize with recession-plagued merchants who are trying to woo customers in the front doors - - but in Chicago, that quarter gets you five minutes, and people there are dealing with it via sledgehammers.


Anonymous said...

do the ferengi have cloaking devices?

Anonymous said...

where's cool hand luke when you need him?

Michael Pereckas said...

Nice thing about the new credit-card-reading parking payment system, no need to carry a kilogram of coins. (Or maybe someday the US could have coins valuable enough to actually buy stuff with, like many other countries do.) Bicycle parking (when you can find it) is still free.