Saturday, March 21, 2009

Steak House Closing: Callers Using A SEWRPC Website Will Get Yet Another Wrong Customer

In December, I noted that information about a major bank in a SEWRPC-posted economic development profile of the City of Milwaukee was outdated because the bank had a new, post-merger corporate identity, but the SEWRPC information still showed the old bank's phone number - - a number assigned to Kincaid's, a new, upscale chop house in downtown Milwaukee.

I checked a month later, and the bad information was still there; callers looking to talk to the non-existent US Bank of Milwaukee were still going to get the restaurant instead.

Now we learn that Kincaid's is closing, so that old bank's phone number will be re-assigned to yet another Milwaukee-area customer.

It's a snappy number: 414-227-1111. You say you might want it, but do you want calls intended for a closed restaurant, and also a bank, thanks to a public agency that won't correct its webpages?

SEWRPC could disconnect itself from this confusion by correcting its information, but that would be acceding to some outside pressure, a practice not in its Standard Operating Procedures, apparently.

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