Friday, March 20, 2009

Doyle Trying To Engineer More Planned High-Speed Rail For Wisconsin

Glad to see this initiative.

Republicans will foolishly oppose it, and some Madisonians will not like the Dane County Airport station, as opposed to one downtown, but its a good plan and will offer more business to the Milwaukee-Chicago run.

Go for it.


TWW said...

Too bad this wasn't published April 1st. It would have been a good April Fools Day story.

1,080,000 travelers are estimated to eventually use the system. That's just shy of 3,000/day. Hee-hee.

I go to Madison 6-10 times a year. I have NEVER had a need to go to the airport. And, I would NEVER forfeit the freedom to freely navigate the area in exchange for a train/bus ride.

There is little purpose in a rail solution to the Madison airport. If there was any sense to a Milwaukee-Madison line, it would terminate at UW-Madison. But given the Peoples Republic of Madison's views toward rail lines, that is unlikely to happen.

TWW said...

Opps. Forgot this part.

Please indulge me. What are the social and economic justifications for supporting a $517,000,000 expenditure?