Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Feds Say There Is No Poverty In Southeastern Wisconsin

The Federal Highway Administration's county-by-county map shows poverty in Wisconsin's northern and rural areas, but not in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Here is the national map, showing Wisconsin's counties. Note all the blue - - no economic distress - - in southeastern Wisconsin.

Remember: these are among the agencies vetting and passing out federal stimulus funds, and economically-distressed areas are supposed to get funding priority.


Anonymous said...

I think, though am not sure, the federal maps are based on county-wide data, which Milw County may not meet. but there's tons of other data (that complies with federal law) showing the city, and neighborhoods in the city, are clearly economically distressed.

stimulus money needs to be targetted to those neighborhoods! (the federal stimulus law says that in allocating surface transportation funds, priority goes to "economically distressed" areas)

James Rowen said...

I posted the map in part so that people can see there is bad data in the system, but right out there on official websites.

I will check back in a few days to see if it is corrected or pulled.

Anonymous said...

you might also want to post the DOL data showing the designation of the city of Milwaukee as economically distressed - the unemployment rate here is high enough that the city CLEARLY qualifies as econ. distressed for stimulus purposes.

Q why WisDOT is basically ignoring this? ;

James Rowen said...

To PurpleAvenger:

I posted the sites you copied.
Thank you.

Maybe it will help Milwaukee quality for funds that are needed here.