Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Talkers Go Around The Bend

Records for ridiculous rhetoric were set Tuesday, as right-wing radio ranters blasted Barack Obama in the wake of changes at General Motors and Chrysler forced by the government that has rescued the companies with billions of tax dollars.

Sean Hannity, professional demagogue, yelled "shut up, shut up" as he overrode an Obama sound bite Hannity had ordered his producers to play, then twice called Obama "an idiot," and declared the President "the Mussolini of our times."

No doubt many listeners under the age of 60 had no clue to the reference.

Mark Belling, bemoaning the fate of GM investors, tried to draw an analogy between what he sees as the US public's acquiescence to Obama's decisions and the passivity of the German public as Hitler rose to power.

And there is a steady drumbeat on right-wing talk radio as talkers and callers repeatedly call Obama a socialist, a communist, a dictator, an American Hugo Chavez, and so forth.

Obama has been President for less than 100 days, and talk radio is already in full campaign mode.

How are the talkers going to survive four-to-eight years of an Obama presidency?

Actually, I know the answer: swimmingly, as Obama is great for their ratings.

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