Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SEWRPC Schedules Justice Task Force Meeting At Airport, With Pricey Parking

SEWRPC has done a good job scheduling meetings of a task force that provides outreach to low-income, disadvantaged and minority communities at venues with accessible, free parking - - on King Dr., for example, in Waukesha and elsewhere in the region, but it has laid an egg with the scheduling of the 3/24 meeting - - a Mitchell Field conference room.

At $2 per hour in the airport lots, attendees can expect to spend $4-6 to attend, or ride long bus routes with transfers to get there.

Government shouldn't schedule meetings that make people pay to attend.

Many of the people who attend these meetings don't have money to burn, or expense accounts from which they can be reimbursed.

Regardless if SEWRPC's intention was to get the meeting rotated close to the south suburbs, or counties, it needs to find a more suitable, affordable and convenient site for this meeting.

I did write an email to SEWRPC Tuesday about noon about the meeting site, but didn't hear back.

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