Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SEWRPC Will Stick With Airport Meeting Site, But Will Cover Attendees' Paid Parking

I raised on my blog yesterday an issue with where the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission had scheduled the 3/24 meeting of its Environmental Justice Task Force - - the airport, where parking is $2 per hour.

I noted that people attending from low-income communities might not have funds to spend on the parking, or expense accounts from which to obtain reimbursement, and I emailed SEWRPC my concerns.

SEWRPC responded this afternoon by email that the airport location will remain for the meeting, the location will be discussed (having been raised at the 1/27 meeting without objection - - a meeting I had not attended), but attendees can have their parking costs paid for by SEWRPC.

Seems like a fair solution to me, though I believe SEWRPC needs to make a better effort to find meeting venues that provide free parking, as the agency has done routinely in the past.

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