Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's An Overlooked Milwaukee Stimulus Proposal That Meets All The Criteria

First-round stimulus funding for transportation projects have to meet these criteria:

Must be shovel-ready.

Must be completed by 2010.

Must be on a roadway that is a federal highway (and that rule is apparently being broadened to include some additional, high-traffic roads).

Milwaukee didn't get any first-round projects allegedly because there were no such road projects eligible - - but somehow everyone missed the need to repair the northern approach of I-794 and then its continuation over the Hoan Bridge.

It's shovel-ready because the holes in the pavement are ready to be filled.

It's a federal highway.

And you wouldn't need to do any fancy preliminary engineering or study because the damage is visible and obvious. It drives like it's been mortared.

I seem to remember that the bridge is a county responsibility, and that Scott Walker has thumbed his nose at stimulus funding.

My guess is that he would change his mind if he drove the route, and if he's still dopey enough to refuse to fill out the paperwork, the County Board, or perhaps the City of Milwaukee should appropriate the process.

This approach to Milwaukee, the lakefront, the Calatrava, and the Summerfest grounds is a beautiful and important gateway to the City.

If the road isn't repaired, the authorities should post warning signs and re-post the speed limit to 15 MPH.


Anonymous said...

Tear down the Hoan, bring the road down to grade, and free up acres of valuable waterfront land for development. The DOT actually got this one right.

James Rowen said...

I agree about The Hoan, and WisDOT's suggestion.